The Hokianga Harbour has many unique and stunning natural icons, that can be visited all year round.  We suggest a "Hokianga Harbour Round Tripp" to visit the sites and towns of your liking.  Follow the above navigation from South Hokianga --> Top of the Harbour to --> North Hokianga.  In every location you find the different interesting places to visit.

Clouds above sea


Chapel at Mangungu

Wairere Boulders

Mangungu Mission, Horeke

Opononi Dolphin

NZ fern trees

Buildings over Water


Outer Harbour

Horses in dunes

Hokianga Shoreline

Natural Pest (Opossum)

Sand Dunes

Koutu Boulders

Old Homestead

Happy Chappy

Wairere Boulder


The 3 main nature attractions of the Hokianga Harbour can be visited all year round.  These are:
  • The Kauri Forests with its giants all around the Hokianga Harbour, including the newly reopened Omahuta Kauri Sanctuary, which was built in 1951 by DOC.  It was closed for a long time due to the bad road,  which is now repaired.
  • The Wairere Boulders on the harbour top
  • The Sand Dunes on the North Head of the Harbour entry
The Kauri Forests:

Most of the Kauri forests are in the Hokianga Harbour area. 

The Tane Mahuta is the well known icon of the Waipoua Forest.  The Kauri tree is world wide an icon and attracts many visitors. An easy walkway through the forest leads to it and requires a stroll of about 10 minutes. But there are many more trees of similar stature in the Omahuta Kauri Sanctuary in Mangamuka and the beautiful Warawara Forest in the North Hokianga between Mitimiti and Pawarenga.  90 % of the biggest Kauri trees are to be found in the Hokianga Harbour area.

Wairere Boulders

A geomorphologic worldwide unique valley - with thousands of basalt boulders - has been transformed into a nature park. 22 wooden structures like staircases, bridges and a platform have been built to enable viewers to enjoy an easy walk through the valley. 

The Boulder Loop path takes about 1 hours walk, but if you want to see the big ones,  you have to allow for 3 hours,  to walk up the valley to the platform,  which allows the stunning view over the massive boulders. Website

The Boulder Loop walk  is an easy stroll for all ages.  It does not require a special fitness to walk the foot path. All wooden structures are inspected and declared safe by the Far North District Council.
Omahuta Forrest
14 km to East from State Highway 1 in Broadwood 

If you like Kauris,  you must go there. An attractive walkway (partly as board walks) has been built in 1951.  It leads to many huge Kauris and complete clusters of Kauri trees. This site is not well known due to its isolation in pure New Zealand wilderness. In one of the fallen trees you could park a bus. 

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Sand Dunes

The sand dunes in the North Hokianga display some stunning features and shapes. The imagination and creativity of nature is endless. A true eco-tourism experience.





Wairere Boulders