Directory for Water Activities in the Hokianga Harbour.  Lets get wet!  
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Cray Fish

Excellent Cray diving outside the Hokianga Harbour

Koutu Boulders

Please ask locals for advice on surges and currents.



There is good diving outside of the harbour mouth, and "Hokianga Express" also does dive charters on request.  Dive bottle fills are available at Opononi Motor Camp, and enquiries for dive charters can be made here with Harry Barlow.  

NZ fern trees

Opononi Beach Holiday Park  Website
State H'way 12, Opononi, Hokianga Harbour Harry & Jenny Barlow  
Ph:   (09) 405 8791
Fax: (09) 405 8791


Ferry to Sand Dunes

"Hokianga Express" Charters E-mail

Buildings over Water

P.O. Box 43,
Omapere, Hokianga Harbour 
Ph:  (09) 405 88 72
Fax: ( 09) 4058 863
Mob:  021 889 967
Peter Clark



Hokianga Express E-mail

Outer Harbour

P.O. Box 43
Hokianga Harbour 
Ph:  (09) 405 88 72
Fax( 09) 405 88 63
Mob: 021 889 967
Peter Clark

Hokianga Fishing Charters E-mail

Horeses in dunes

Hokianga Harbour 
Ph: (09) 405 86 11 
Fax:(09) 405 86 11 
Rob & Adriana Saunders

Rock Fishing at Signal Point, Omapere

Opononi Dolphin

Take Signal Point Rd. to lookout and take the well-defined walk to the West Coast Beach, or walk along the beach from the Omapere wharf.

Jake Dunn, Mitimiti
Surf Casting, Net Fishing

Buildings over Water

Jacob Dunn, RD2,
Hokianga Harbour
Ph: (09) 409 5003


Kayaking / Canoeing / Boating

Hokianga Blue  Website E-mail

Sand Dunes

Next to Firestation
Hokianga Harbour
Ph: (09) 405-7675
Kiri & Steve



There are two good surfing places in the Hokianga Harbour:

Hokianga Sunset

  • Waimamaku Beach 
  • North Harbour sand dunes



There are several places where one can swim all around the Hokianga Harbour between Pawarenga and Waimamaku Beach, just are locals for their favourite swimming place. One of the most lonely beaches are in Mitimiti.

Wairere Boulders

Extreme caution should be used if swimming on the west side of Opononi outside the harbour mouth!

Wairere Boulders