Cannibal Jack, the first Pakeha (white) Settler in the Hokianga

Photo:  Marmon Point is just across the waters from Horeke.

By 1825, the Hokianga Harbour had its first white settler. Jack Marmon, known as Cannibal Jack, was the son of a Sydney stonemason. He jumped ship, married a Maori woman and settled near Horeke, across the river at Marmon's Point. There was no white man nearer than the missionaries at Kerikeri.  A man of slight build, aggressive manner and quick mind, he lived as a Maori joining in their intertribal fights.  He was popularly believed to have 'joined the Maoris in their cannibal feasts'. He died in 1880 and was buried at Marmon's point after a drunken Irish wake.

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