Welcome to the Town of Horeke

Photo:  Horeke Township,  Hokianga Harbour

Horeke sprang up overnight when a Australian firm established a shipyard in 1826. Only a few ships were built here but Horeke became the Heart of the Hokianga for the next decade. It is the second oldest town in New Zealand.
    New Zealand's first murder trial took place at the nearby Methodist Mission.
    The dark bluff across the Hokianga River further east is called Marmon's Point, the home of Cannibal Jack, Hokianga's first settler.
    Between Horeke and State Highway 1 at Rangiahua are some of the finest tidal marshes in New Zealand. Hundreds of wildfowl and endangered swamp birds thrive in these vast aquatic 'wastelands'.
    The old buildings of Horeke were mostly built over water, because at the time there was no land for sale, available for development. 
    The Horeke Hotel is the first Pub ever built in New Zealand.  It might not have had a liquor license, but it served the many ship builders working in the first commercial shipbuilding yard in New Zealand, which was situated right beside the Hokianga shore.
    Horeke will now have a new lease on life, thanks to the Northland coast to coast cycle track or twin coast cycle trail from Opua to Horeke connecting the Bay of Islands to the Hokianga Harbour. It has become the start cycling towards Okaihau or the end cycling from Opua via Kawakawa, Moerewa and Kaikohe.

Chapel at Mangungu

Wairere Boulders

Mangungu Mission, Horeke

Old Homestead

Hokianga Sunset

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