Marshes, Mangroves and Bird Life around Horeke

Photo: View from road across the valley filled with mangroves.

The mangrove is Hokianga Harbour's other extraordinary tree. Between Horeke and State Highway 1 at Rangiahua are some of the finest tidal marshes in New Zealand. Mangroves manages to grow in salt water and absorbs oxygen by a network of aerial roots. Hokianga's mangrove forests cover thousands of acres, and individual trees grow over 10 m in height. They provide an extremely rich breeding and feeding ground for both, harbour and open sea fish. Mangroves are especially vital for our increasingly rare swamp birds, which often nest in the large salt marshes and adjoining scrub. It is a haven for rails, crakes and bitterns. 20% of banded rails are found around the margins of the Hokianga Harbour.

Most parts have to be accessed by boat, but some parts can be seen on the Horeke end of Horeke-Taheke road

Photo: Mangroves can easily be seen along Horeke-Taheke road

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