Ruapapaka Island (Horeke)
Place of the first execution in New Zealand

Photo: In the back: Ruapapaka Island
in the middle: Horeke Lodge
in the front: McDonnell's base

In 1838 a Maori ferry man murdered a pakeha passenger in an argument over a fare.  The man, a mere slave, was tried at Mangungu with the assent of Maori chiefs, and was executed and buried on the low mangrove island opposite Horeke. This was New Zealand's first murder trial.  Yet the court had no legal jurisdiction at all. Both, Maori and pakeha put increasing pressure on Britain to formally claim New Zealand, so British law could apply.

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Wairere Boulders


Chapel at Mangungu

Wairere Boulders

Mangungu Mission, Horeke

Buildings over Water in Horeke