Mangungu Mission House, built 1839
Motukiore Road, Horeke

Photo Mangungu Mission, Horeke Hokianga:
The Hokianga Mission House has been moved back from Onehunga and put into its original place.

-         Visit the Māngungu Mission House and step back in time to 1839, the year in which this beautiful Wesleyan mission house was completed.

-         Enjoy the tranquillity of this historic treasure site of the largest signing of the Treaty of Waitangi set against the stunning Hokianga Harbour.

A Wesleyan mission house built in 1838-39 overlooking the Hokianga Harbour and the historic mission cemetery. Here on 12 February 1840 the third and largest signing of the Treaty of Waitangi took place. The house was designed and the construction supervised by the Rev. John Hobbs who lived there with his wife Jane and family from 1845-55 when the station was closed. It is furnished with missionary items, portraits of missionaries and their main protector, Patuone, and relics of the days when nearby Horeke was a ship-building yard. 

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Māngungu Mission House, Motukiore Road, Horeke. Feb to Dec: Weekends, noon-4 (closed 25 Dec); 26 Dec to 31 Jan: Daily noon-4.

Photo Mangungu Mission: View from the Mission House towards the Hokianga Harbour showing the monument and the chapel.

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Mangungu Mission, Horeke

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