The Oldest Headstones in New Zealand,  Mangungu,
Horeke, Hokianga Harbour

There are many ancient tombstones in the old Wesleyan mission cemetery. One of them is the tombstone of the first superintendent, David Clark (on left).  His headstone can still be visited.  It is lying flat on the ground with the inscription from Lamentations I:12

Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?

Photo:  Head Stones in Mangungu,  Horeke, 
Hokianga Harbour

This is the headstone that has a legible date.  It is the earliest date recorded.  

Two crew member of the ship "Roselyn Castle" drowned in the Harbour on the 30/05/1829. 

In the olden days,  sailors often were not able to swim.  Many of the head stones are talking about drownings, often due to consumption of alcohol.

The locals still use that graveyard to bury their dead.

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