William Webster of Wairere, Hokianga Harbour

William Webster  was born in 1816 in Scotland. In 1839 he left for New Zealand and came on the "Arora" to the Hokianga Harbour.

With him he brought machinery for a saw mill which he erected at Wairere. This was New Zealand's first water driven timber mill. Production started in 1845. 

Photo: William Webster, Wairere, Hokianga

The "Aurora" loaded up spars for England. A flood damaged his saw mill. The timber business declined and he abandoned operations. He sold the mill and parts of the machinery was put at Mahurangi in a flour mill. The circular saw etc was sold to Thomas Henderson.


Wairere Boulders

Wairere Boulders

Old Homestead

NZ fern trees

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